Military University
Technological sciences
Master's Programme
Mode of studies: 
part-time programme
1-2 semesters (Erasmus Programm)
Tuition fee: 
Scholarships available: 
Application deadline: 
Thursday, 17 November, 2016
Start date: 
Wednesday, 15 February, 2017
Credits (ECTS): 
30 per Semmestr
Admission requirements: 

Englisch B1+


First degree courses in Logistics last 7 semesters and finish with the writing of the engineering thesis upon obtaining a certificate of completion of studies and completing the mandatory vocational training. After the 4th and 6th semester, vocational training is provided in selected institutions, mainly in logistics centers, manufacturing facilities of units providing handling services at airports and units of public administration. Graduates will be qualified to work as logistics professionals in aviation companies, in the defense industry, and institutions and services using aviation technology. They will also be well prepared to continue their education with second degree courses.

Civilian full-time and extramural first degree courses offer the following specialisations:

  • aviation logistics,

  • airport service management,

  • military logistics.

The program of study includes, among other things, instruction in the following areas: production and services management, logistics and supply chain management, logistics infrastructure, logistics of supply, logistics of production, distribution, transport economics, airport service management.

Studies at the Logistics faculty allow graduates to acquire reliable knowledge about the technique and technology of modern logistics systems and the main areas of their practical application and development perspectives.

Instruction subjects:

  • Basic subjects: mathematics, statistics, systems engineering, economics, commodity science,

  • Specialist subjects: management, logistics and supply chain management, infrastructure logistics, standardisation and quality management, and additionally, safety of transport and logistics, introduction to law and aviation regulations, the economics of aviation companies, air traffic management, state and civil aviation, operation of aircrafts, aviation safety, international economic relations.

Erasmus+ duration 1 or 2 Semmesters.