Summer courses in Polish language and culture are organised during the summer academic break and last three or four weeks. They not only offer an outstanding opportunity to learn Polish in Poland but also help participants better understand Poland and Poles.

The course syllabus covers language lessons and lectures on Polish literature and culture. There are also other integration-oriented activities run in Polish: evening shows of Polish movies preceded by short lectures, talent evenings, multi-cultural evenings, Polish song evenings, and finally a day of sightseeing.

Apart from offering professional language teaching, the summer school staff also provide assistance in organising individual activities (such as gathering materials and information) to all those people who are working on projects related to Poland and are interested in Poland, also non-professionally.

Participation in the course is especially useful for those who intend to take a state exam in Polish as a foreign language in the future (

The providers of the courses are Polish higher education institutions specialising in Polish language teaching. They are selected every year by competition in February.

For all those who would like to pursue their studies in Polish, selected higher education institutions in Poland offer preparatory Polish language courses.

The classes include Polish language lessons together with subjects related to future studies.

Candidates may choose from a variety of specialisations, for example: humanities, engineering/technical science, architecture, arts, economics, medical sciences and agriculture.

The courses run for 9 months, usually starting in October, from Monday to Friday.

The tuition fees may vary, depending on the institution and start at 2000 EUR/ 9 months paid before the course commences. 

For further details, please contact the institutions from the list below:

Polish language is spoken by more than 45 million people. There are many universities around the world, where you can learn Polish. Some of these are supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education that sends the highly skilled specialists in the field of Polish language and literature. These teachers offer language classes and engage in various activities to support Polish language learning and getting to know Polish culture. Please find below the database of Polish language courses offered abroad.

Country Continent City Name of the university Web page of the university
Bulgaria Europe Veliko Tarnovo St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo
China Asia Beijing Beijing Foreign Studies University (School of European Languages and Cultures)
China Asia Guangzhou Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
China Asia Harbin Harbin Normal University
China Asia Shenyang Northeastern University in Shenyang
China Asia Zhaoqing Zhaoqing University
Croatia Europe Osijek Strossmayer University of Osijek
Croatia Europe Rijeka University of Rijeka
Croatia Europe Zagreb University of Zagreb
Czech Republic Europe Brno Masaryk University of Brno